RU1000 CNC Universal Grinding Machines

RU1000 CNC Universal grinding machines



Machine is made with bed and table. Bed is made by resistance cast iron, thermally stabilized with one flat and one v guide. Surfaces are scraped in order to secure the highest precision of linearity and flatness. Contact between table and base is made by special anti-friction plastic material. X-axis carriage is made of high grade cast iron, stress relieved; guideways fitted with special material for zero wear factor. Wide, double prismatic, with stiffest lubrication for perfect directional guidance and side force resistance.







Swing over bed
Range of diameter for OD and face grinding
Grinding wheel diameter
Max length of OD grinding
Min lenght of OD grinding
Grinding wheel size
Weight between centers without steady rests
Min distance between centers
Max distance between centers

800 mm
0-800 mm
600 mm
1000 mm
30 mm
25-80 mm
150 kg
30 mm
1000 mm


Driving power of main motor
Workpiece speed range
Wheel speed for external grinding for full range of wheel wear
Xaxis accuracy of positioning
Z axis accuracy of positioning
X axis repeatability of positioning
Z axis repeatability of positioning
Range of longitudinal feeds
Feed range during plunging in X axis
Range od cross feeds

10 KW
1-200 rpm
33 m/s
0,005 mm
0,005 m
0,005 m
0,005 m
0-5000 mm/min
0,005-100 mm/min
0-5000 mm/min

General Information