AKP2W Landing gear grinding machine double wheelhead

Machine is made with 3 separate bases: • A Longitudinal for grinding wheel head • B In the front for headstock • C In the front for workheads Bases are made of high resistance cast iron, thermically stabilized. With one flat and one “V” guide. Surface are scraped in order to secure the highest precision of linearity and flatness







The cross movement of wheelhead slide is given by a very high precision preloaded recirculating ball screw driven by an axis brushless motor made by Siemens and position control with Heidenhain linear scale controlled by the CNC (X Axis). The longitudinal movement (Z Axis) is made with a preloaded ballscrews. The machine has a double grinding wheel head that rotate on position 0° and 16° automatically. The locking of rotation is made by oleodinamic clamping. For change of angular wheelhead position between 0° and 16°:

accurancy of positioning - 0.01 mm
repeatability of positioning - 0.005 mm

Wheelheads drives will be additionally protected against coolant with covers reisstant to CIMTECH 46 coolant Wheel guards will be designed to limt quantity of coolant directly impacted on linear axes covers






The machine has installed

  • probe for measuring of diameters of grinding wheel.

wheel measuring includes:
- wheel diameter measure
- Z axis measure of wheel edge for every grinding edge
Complete automatic wheel measuring procedure for every type of wheel will be prepared, tested and supplied.

  • In-process measurement system
  • Monitoring system for machine tools








Swing over bed
Range of diameters for OD grinding
Range of grinding wheel dia
Length of grinding with closed gap
Length of grinding with opened gap
External grinding wheel size
Weight between centers without steady rests
Swing over gap with open gap
Width of closed gap
Width of opened gap
Distance between centers with closed gap
Distance between centers with open gap

1000 mm
0-300 mm
1200 mm
1700 mm
2400 mm
900 mm
1000 kg
2600 mm
200 mm
900 mm
1700 mm
2500 mm


Driving power of main motor
Workpiece speed range
Wheel speed for external grinding
Range of longitudinal feeds
Feed range during plunging in each axis
Range of cross feeds

25 KW
135 rpm
33-50 mm/min
0-3500 mm/min
0.003-10 mm/min
0-3500 mm/min


Coolant tank capacity
Coolant flow rate

3000 l
100 l/min