RU2500 CNC Universal grinding machines


The RU2500 CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine is designed to grind aerospace turbo spindles. The RU2500 is part of a new series of RU universal grinding machines for special aerospace components. These new machines with the most advanced technology are specifically designed to grind such as turbine spindles and aircraft landing gear. The RU series have a moving table configuration and RU series have a moving wheel-head configuration. Features include: distance between centres 1000 mm to 6000 mm, maximum swing 1600 mm, conventional, CBN or diamond grinding wheels for ID and OD grinding, grinding plunge right and oblique, B-axis wheelhead and double wheel configuration for simultaneous grinding and cycle time reduction. Grinding wheel diameters are 600 mm and 450 mm, spindle power 15 kW, distance between centres 2500 mm and CNC control and in-process measurement system range 300 mm.


Height of centers  400 mm 
Range of grinding wheel diameters for OD grinding  400÷600mm 
Swing over table  800 mm 
Length of grinding zone  2500 mm 
Distance between centers  2600 mm 
Weight admitted between centers  250 Kg 
Driving power of main motor  10+10 KW 
Workpiece speed range  1÷180 rpm 
Wheel speed for external grinding for full range of wheel wear  33÷60 mm 
Range of longitudinal feeds  0÷3500 mm/min 
Range of cross feeds  0÷3500 mm/min 
Motor power of headstock  7 KW